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Journée CPR

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Journée CPR / CPR Workshop

28 février, 1er mars 2011


Institut Jean NICOD
École Normale Supérieure, Pavillon Jardin 29, rue d'Ulm 75005 Paris. Salle de réunion, RDC

Lundi 28 février 2011

10.00 Nat Hansen (Institut Nicod)
"A Slugfest of Intuitions: Contextualism and Experimental Design"

Abstract: Evidence for contextualism primarily consists of intuitions generated in response to a variety of thought experiments. I argue that these intuitions are subject to experimenter bias and bias that results from exclusive reliance on absolute truth-value judgments. I show how features of experimental design affect the intuitions generated by contextualist thought experiments and I improve contextualist methodology by developing modified versions of contextualist thought experiments that control for these forms of bias.
11.30 Joe Salerno (St Louis University / Institut Nicod)
"Modal Epistemic Disagreement"

14.30 Andrea Onofri (Arché, University of St Andrews)
"Against Non-Pragmatic Russellianism"
Abstract : According to Russellianism,
1) Albert believes that Mark Twain is an author.
2) Albert believes that Samuel Clemens is an author. express the same proposition and must therefore have same truth value. But a rational speaker could clearly think that (1) and (2) can have different truth values. Many Russellians (Salmon, Soames) have offered pragmatics-based explanations of such intuitions. Others (Braun) have argued that the best explanation is a non-pragmatic one that appeals to the different “ways” in which speakers can entertain the proposition expressed by (1) and (2).
In reply, I show that the non-pragmatic explanation does not account for the intuitions that “enlightened” speakers (i.e. speakers who are aware of the relevant identities) will have. I also argue that Non-Pragmatic Russellianism cannot account for the explanatory and predictive power of ordinary psychological generalizations, and that the appeal to the “ceteris paribus” status of such generalizations will not help.
 16.00 Isidora Stojanovic (CNRS, Institut Jean Nicod)
"Situations vs. points of evaluation: back to some foundational issues in semantics"
Mardi 1er mars 2011

10.00 Jonas Åkerman (Stockholm University / Institut Nicod)
"Content and Communication"

11.30 Alison Hall (Institut Nicod)
"Intuitions, truth conditions, and the explicit-implicit distinction" Nat Hansen (Institut Nicod)