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PALMYR IX: Logic and the Use of Language

June 28 & 29


PALMYR IX will be held at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, University of Amsterdam, Science Park 904, 1098 XH Amsterdam.

Keynote Speakers

Fred Landman (Linguistics, Tel-Aviv)

Frank Veltman (ILLC, Amsterdam)


Alexandra Arapinis (IHPST, Paris)
"Dynamic Analysis of the Systematic Polysemy of Names of Institutions. The Need for Metaphysical Constraints over a Powerful Semantic Tool"
Commentator: Ana Aguilar Guevara (Linguistics, Utrecht)

Fabrice Correia (Philosophy, Geneva)
"Non-Proxy Reductions of Eternalist Discourse"
Commentator: Jonathan Shaheen (ILLC, Amsterdam & Philosophy, Michigan)

Fabio Del Prete (IJN, Paris)
"Non-Monotonic Futures"
Commentator: Katrin Schulz (ILLC, Amsterdam)

David Etlin (Philosophy, Leuven)
"Vague Desire. The Sorites and the Money Pump"
Commentator: Raquel Fernández Rovira (ILLC, Amsterdam)

Henri Galinon (IHPST, Paris)
"Minimal Truth Predicate and Consistency for Free"
Commentator: Theodora Achourioti (ILLC, Amsterdam)

Julie Hunter (IJN, Paris & Philosophy, Texas-Austin)
"Presuppositional Character"
Commentator: Maria Aloni (ILLC, Amsterdam)

Michael Murez (IJN, Paris)
"The Logic, Semantics and Pragmatics of Agentive Attitudes"
Commentator: Inés Crespo (ILLC, Amsterdam)

David Ripley (IJN, Paris)
"Embedding Denial"
Commentator: Catarina Dutilh Novaes (ILLC, Amsterdam)

Johannes Stern (Philosophy, Geneva)
"An Immaculate Conception of Truth, Necessity, and Knowledge"
Commentator: Stefan Wintein (TiLPS, Tilburg)

Isidora Stojanovic (IJN, Paris)
"Logical Validity vs. Pragmatically Warranted Truth"
Commentator: Lucian Zagan (ILLC, Amsterdam)

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